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At ChiroWorks Pain & Injury Treatment Center, we offer state-of-the-art, all-natural, comprehensive chiropractic care for pain management. Fibromyalgia is a poorly understood but severe disease, making it difficult to treat and devastating for sufferers who can’t find good ways to manage the pain. That’s where we can help. Learn what fibromyalgia is and how to get it under control with these FAQs.

Looking for a fibromyalgia doctor in Lexington, KY? You’ve come to the right place. Our practice focuses on treatments of this issue and has seen good success with many patients. Make us your fibromyalgia doctor in Lexington, KY today.

One of the Most Common Fibromyalgia FAQs: What IS Fibromyalgia?

One of the most common fibromyalgia FAQ’s is, what exactly is it? Good question, without a good answer. Fibromyalgia is characterized by pain in the muscles and soft tissues, seemingly unrelated to injuries or other conditions, ranging from moderate to severe.

What Are the Symptoms?

The main symptoms of fibromyalgia include pain, weakness or tingling in the limbs. Painful pressure points on the body. Headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, problems urinating, particularly painful menstrual cramps, anxiety, and depression are also common symptoms, as is insomnia.

How Is Fibromyalgia Diagnosed?

Typically a diagnosis of fibromyalgia is given if you have many (though not necessarily all) of the above symptoms and no other cause can be found.

How Can Fibromyalgia Be Treated?

At home, fibromyalgia is best treated with plenty of rest, a diet low in food allergens and high in whole foods, strengthening exercise and stress reduction.

How Does Chiropractic Care Play In?

There exist many chiropractic care techniques that can help reinforce the actions you take at home. These include manual adjustment, massage therapy, physical therapy and more. We will assess your condition, and then design a plan of treatment specifically for you.

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