ChiroWorks Pain and Injury Treatment Center address your injuries and discomforts from a natural perspective. Dr. Kirby approaches your rehabilitation from a whole-person perspective which means that not only does he treat your injuries, he also improves your overall health. First, Dr. Kirby evaluates your injuries and pain to determine if a gentle, repairing exercise program is beneficial for your condition. Then, our physiotherapy doctor in Lexington, KY designs an exercise program to meet your individual recovery needs which use strengthening, stretching and cardiovascular exercise to restore muscular balance, reduce your injury recovery time and prevent future injuries. The staff at ChiroWorks Pain and Injury Treatment Center does not want you to miss a moment of your active lifestyle. If a sports injury or work injury has you sitting on the sideline, try our physiotherapy and rehabilitation program which is key to a speedy recovery.

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An injury limits your ability to participate in your favorite activities and may also interfere with your ability to perform your job. Injuries occur at work, in auto accidents, while playing sports and while at home and may include muscle strains, back pain, whiplash, and headaches. Regardless of where your injury occurred, physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises are an essential part of your recovery process. Dr. Kirby shows you how to exercise through a full range of motion to restore movement of joints such as your shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, and ankles. These stretching exercises help repair conditions such as frozen shoulder, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, runner’s knee and golfer’s elbow. Our physiotherapy programs also include strengthening exercises to challenge your muscles. These are important to bring muscular balance and help avoid future injuries and pain. For example, if the muscles on your chest are not proportionate with the muscles of your upper back, your shoulders may begin to roll forward. This poor posture leads to increased back pain and limited flexibility. We balance the muscles surrounding the joints to create easier joint movement and decrease future injury concerns. Our physiotherapy doctor in Lexington also teaches you exercises that focus on creating a strong core to enhance your posture and reduce back pain.

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As part of your recovery chiropractic care plan, Dr. Kirby also speaks with you about proper warm-up, cool-down and training techniques to help prevent future injuries. Whether you are dealing with a muscle strain, joint sprain, concussion, plantar fasciitis, back pain or limited joint mobility, Dr. Kirby provides effective physiotherapy and rehabilitation. We also show you where you can make lifestyle changes to improve your posture and lessen your pain so your recovery time is as limited as possible. If you have experienced a sudden injury or are dealing with chronic pain, let us show you how chiropractic care and rehabilitation naturally restore you to pain-free living. To learn more about our physiotherapy services contact us today at 859-300-6215.