If you are interested in becoming a commercial truck driver you need to learn more about DOT/DMV physicals. The Department of Transportation and Department of Motor Vehicles requires all commercial truck drivers to complete a DOT physical exam. Additionally, you must get a certified medical examiner to complete this exam for it to be valid. Thankfully Dr. Robert Kirby, DC of the ChiroWorks Pain and Injury Treatment Center is certified to provide DOT physicals. Find out more about what to expect with this type of physical examination.

About the DOT Physical Exam

This exam must be conducted by a certified medical examiner who is enrolled and approved by the DOT and DMV. Additionally, the examiner must give you a certificate of examination that indicates your exam results. If you do not pass the physical exam according to the DOT requirements, then you will not be able to apply for your CDL. However, you can retake the physical after you have made changes to improve your health, i.e., in correcting the issue that caused you to fail the exam. If you already have a CDL and you fail a DOT annual physical, you may be placed on a probationary period that requires you to get re-examined before you can take interstate hauls.

Timeline for DOT/DMV Physicals

You are required to pass a DOT physical examination before you can apply to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL). You will also have to get a physical exam at least every other year to maintain your CDL. Your DOT exam certificate will be valid for a 24-month period. If you have failed a physical, or you are required to get treatment for an issue, such as high blood pressure, you will be required to get a physical more often. This is typically every six months, depending on your health condition.

What to Expect During KY. DOT /DMV Physicals

KY. DOT /DMV physicals include a urine screen for kidney issues, as well as a drug and alcohol test. You will also be given a physical examination that identifies target areas for commercial drivers, such as the circumference of your neck that is a sign of sleep apnea. During the exam, the examiner will also ask about your health history and any health concerns you may have. If you are taking any medication that must be reported during the DOT examination.

Your DOT examination will also include hearing and vision tests. If you wear hearing aids or vision correction eyewear you will have to bring those to the exam. If you are unable to pass a vision or hearing test, you may be eligible to apply for a DOT waiver that exempts you from the hearing and vision standards.

DOT Physical from Our Chiropractor in Lexington, KY

Are you ready to get a DOT physical in Lexington, KY? We are happy to help you by providing a DOT certified medical examiner. Contact ChiroWorks Pain and Injury Treatment Center at 859-813-2530 to schedule your DOT physical in Lexington, KY. We are currently offering a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kirby, so please inquire when you call.