When you have pain that lasts for longer than it should, it is referred to as chronic pain. While acute pain is pain that only affects you for a specific amount of time – as expected based on what others experience with similar injuries – chronic pain sticks around. It can make leading your normal, day-to-day life difficult, and sometimes impossible. Fortunately, chiropractic care is excellent for the treatment of most chronic pain. As your pain injury management team in Lexington, we are here to help you get relief.

Chronic Pain Management

Standard medicine tends to use prescription medications as a solution for chronic pain management, but there are many downsides to this solution. Prescription pain medications have side effects, can cause unexpected issues, and many are potentially addictive. The other solution recommended by some doctors is surgery – which can create more problems than it solves.

Chiropractic medicine takes a different approach to chronic pain management. We prefer to use gentle, non-invasive treatments that carry few risks of side effects. Using manual adjustments, massage therapy, corrective exercises and other complementary therapies, we can often help you manage your pain as well or better than you could with medication.

Common injuries that lead to chronic pain include:

  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Disc injuries – herniated discs and bulging discs
  • Repetitive motion injuries – carpal tunnel, tennis elbow
  • Head injuries
  • Joint injuries
  • Sports injuries

Treating Auto Accident and Work Injuries

Auto accident and work injuries are particularly problematic, often leading to ongoing pain and loss of mobility.

Auto Accident Injuries

Getting into a car accident can do serious damage to your body – even if the damage is not always obvious. You may be in serious pain from the outset, or you may only discover that you were hurt when you experience chronic pain weeks, months or years down the line. We tell all of our patients that the time to come see us is immediately after your accident. But even if you have put off getting treatment, we still encourage you to come in for an appointment. There is a good chance we can help with your chronic pain.

Work Injuries

We treat patients injured at work – both those that work in more dangerous professions, like construction and those in seemingly safer positions, like office workers. Whatever the job, there is a chance you can sustain an injury that leads to chronic pain. From slip and falls to repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel, we can help to lessen your pain and improve your mobility.

Seeing Your Chiropractor for Pain Management

When you come to your chiropractor for pain management, you will go through a comprehensive examination to determine the nature of your injuries. Once we know what is wrong, we can apply therapies that have been shown effective for similar conditions, including chiropractic adjustments and associated therapies.

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