If you’ve been experiencing knee pain of any kind, it can be difficult to keep up with your regular daily routine. Particularly if you’re interested in knee surgery alternatives, our knee chiropractor can provide just the types of non-invasive treatments you’re looking for. Chiropractic knee pain treatment targets the source of the pain, helping in relieving symptoms while simultaneously restoring function so that you can get back to living your life the way you want to.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pain Lexington Kentucky can be caused by a range of injuries, as well as by several different underlying medical conditions. For instance, meniscal injuries or damage to the ligaments that stabilize your knee can both cause symptoms that linger, as can chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Certain repetitive motion injuries are common causes of knee pain as well, and these include runner’s knee, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome, and IT band syndrome. Bursitis is a frequent cause of knee pain, and car accident injuries can lead to these types of symptoms also.

Benefits of Chiropractic Knee Surgery Alternatives

Our treatments will focus on relieving pressure on the joint and reducing inflammation in the surrounding tissues, both of which promote healing. This has the added benefit of improving your range-of-motion, as restoring proper function comes along with a correct alignment. These chiropractic knee surgery alternatives don’t require long recovery periods and are non-invasive, allowing you to return to your regular routine as quickly as possible. We also don’t rely on prescription pain medications to help you manage your symptoms, and that lets you avoid the potential side effects of those as well.

Chiropractic Knee Pain Treatment

Our knee chiropractor provides a range of knee pain treatment, and the specific techniques we use will depend on the nature of your condition. In general, though, our knee surgery alternatives include soft tissue therapies like massage, ultrasound and trigger point therapy to relieve pain and strengthen the tissues surrounding the joint to ensure proper support. Sometimes it’s these tissues that are the primary source of pain, and so we’ll treat them directly in addition to performing targeted chiropractic adjustments.

These chiropractic adjustments are designed to correct any misalignments of your musculoskeletal system, whether they are in your spine, hips or your knee itself. Even if these misalignments aren’t the direct cause of your symptoms, they can make them worse and make it harder for you to heal. That’s because imbalances in other parts of your body increase the pressure on your knee or cause it to adopt an awkward pattern of motion to maintain your balance.

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