Dr. Robert W. Kirby, D.C., uses natural chiropractic care for back pain treatment in Lexington, KY. If you live in or around the Lexington area and are searching for lower back pain treatment, please visit Dr. Kirby at ChiroWorks Pain and Injury Treatment Center.

Our back pain chiropractor eases discomfort in your upper, middle and lowers back that may result from a variety of conditions such as sciatica, work-related injuries, auto accident injuries and overuse. Dr. Kirby examines your back to determine the source of your pain, whether it is nerve, spine or muscular based, and then puts together an individualized chiropractic care plan to eliminate your pain. Our treatments often bring an immediate reduction in back pain and with consistent chiropractic care, you experience lasting relief.

Types and Causes of Back Pain

Chiroworks Pain and Injury Treatment Center provides services to eliminate discomfort associated with your back pain. You may have pain across your upper back that is limiting arm movements. Your pain may be in the middle of your back and appeared suddenly without explanation or your lower back may be in pain and reducing your ability to walk. Dr. Kirby evaluates your spine to determine the reasons for your pain which may include:

  • Sciatica – this combination of pain in your lower back, hip and legs may also bring limited mobility. The sciatic nerve is feeling pressure from a herniated disc, misaligned vertebrae or disc degeneration. Our lower back pain treatment includes gentle adjustments to reposition the vertebrae and remove pressure off the nerve.
  • Bulging disc – a herniating or bulging disc leads to pain in the area of the disc, but may also lead to extremity pain. The discs are positioned between the vertebrae and if they begin to leak out of the protected area, will interfere with the nerve signals and lead to pain.
  • Poor posture – years of poor posture leads to back pain from weak muscles, a compressed spine, damaged discs and interrupted nerve signals.
  • Work – your career may also lead to back pain if you spend the day sitting, standing or performing repetitive motions.
  • Injuries – sports-injuries, auto accident injuries and personal injuries such as a slip and fall may lead to back pain.
  • Muscle strain – your back pain may be muscularly related if you have lifted a heavy object or have a muscular imbalance that is pulling your spine out of alignment.

Find Relief with Our Back Pain Chiropractor

Our back pain doctor in Lexington KY, Dr. Kirby is a diversified clinician who uses a variety of chiropractic services to naturally ease your discomfort. He specializes in treating back pain from chronic injuries, sports injuries and work-related injuries with services such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments – to position your vertebrae, Dr. Kirby uses the Activator method and the Gonstead technique.
  • Myofascial release – eases the muscular back pain.
  • Deep tissue mobilization – eliminates muscle tension.

For effective back pain relief, contact us today at 859-300-6215.