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Physicals at ChiroWorks Pain and Injury Treatment Center in Lexington, KY

Here in Lexington, Kentucky Dr. Robert Kirby, DC provides several types of physical exams and evaluations at the ChiroWorks Pain and Injury Treatment Center. Whether you are searching for a DOT physical to get your CDL, or need a sports physical or Coast Guard physical examinations, we can assist you. Check out which types of physicals we offer, and what you can expect during your examination.

Man getting a physical exam. 

Sports Physicals

If you are in need of a sports exam for a school physical so you can play school sports, we can help. We offer comprehensive, school approved physical exams for sports players.

DOT Physicals

In order to get a commercial driver’s license, you need to pass a Department of Transportation DOT physical. This physical exam involves testing for sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and other health issues that could jeopardize your ability to drive a commercial truck safely. We are listed as a certified medical examiner that is approved by the DOT to provide a DOT physical exam certificate.  We also conduct employment physicals for individuals.

Coast Guard Physical Examinations

For individuals entering into the Coast Guard, physical examinations are an important part of the application process. You must have a Merchant Mariner Medical Evaluation, which we offer here at the ChiroWorks Pain and Injury Treatment Center in Lexington, Kentucky.

Independent Medical Examinations

Want to take control of your health and wellness? Consider getting an independent medical examination. You can get a checkup that includes a wellness blood panel and comprehensive physical exam to determine where you are health-wise. Our services also include the use of diagnostic x-rays to review internal systems. Following your independent medical exam, we can also work with you to set up a chiropractic care schedule. This can improve your general health and wellness, while also serving as preventative care.  

Disability Determination Examinations 

If you are filing for disability benefits with the government or via worker’s compensation at your workplace, you will need to get a disability determination exam. Fortunately, Dr. Kirby is skilled in providing this type of examination here in Kentucky. You will receive an authorized examination record that can be used to verify your disability status for your employer or Social Security office.

Exams and Test for Whiplash

Whether you have recently been in an auto accident or have had your head jerked uncontrollably and forcibly, you may have whiplash. While this condition can take days or weeks to show up in terms of symptoms, you can visit the ChiroWorks Pain and Injury Treatment Center for a physical exam to test for whiplash. Through chiropractic care, Dr. Kirby can identify inflamed or torn neck muscles, along with out-of-align vertebrae in the neck that can be associated with whiplash. Early diagnosis allows Dr. Kirby to begin treatment immediately.

Contact Our Lexington Chiropractor for Physical Exams

ChiroWorks Pain and Injury Treatment Center is prepared to complete an array of physical exams and tests. Additionally, Dr. Kirby is currently offering complimentary consultations if you want assistance in choosing the type of physical you need. Contact our office at 859-813-2530 to schedule an appointment.